Interschool Competitions

The Forbes Academy like any other institution is a mixed bag of talents. We are committed to strike a balance between academics, sports and co-curricular activities.

Every year The Forbes Academy, Gokak Falls conducts various Interschool competitions viz.,

Interschool Competitions-2018

Venue: The Officer’s Club, Gokak Falls

S.No Date Name of the Competition
1. Saturday
Lady Mary Forbes Music Competition
2. Monday Morning
Colin Campbell Interschool Debate – Juniors
3. Monday Afternoon
John Forbes Interschool Debate – Seniors
4. Tuesday Morning
Science Model Competition - Juniors
5. Tuesday Afternoon
Science Model Competition - Seniors
6. Thursday
Sir Hamish Forbes Interschool Art Competition
7. Thursday
Political Debate
8. Friday
F. H. Kemple Science Seminar Contest – Physics
9. Saturday
F. H. Kemple Science Seminar Contest – Chemistry
10. Monday
Alexander Henry Campbell Mathematics Seminar Contest
11. Tuesday 28/08/2018 F. H. Kemple Science Seminar Contest – Biology
12. Wednesday 29/08/2018 F. A Mehta History Seminar Contest

Our children also represent and win various competitions conducted outside.

The School management also gives away annual special prizes for excellence in academics separately for Class X toppers and class wise toppers. Computers scholarship is awarded in primary and high school levels.

S.No Prize Amount
1 Gokak Mills Award (Aggregate) Rs. 10000
2 Madan Prize (Aggregate) Rs. 2000
3 Shahi Award (Mathematics) Gold coin &
4 K C Mehra Computer Scholarship Rs.1000
5 JC Agarwal Prize ( Highest Aggregate) Rs.200
6 R Murray Prize (Highest Aggregate) Rs.150
7 DEA Paul Prize (Highest Aggregate) Rs.100
8 K C Mehra Computer Scholarship (Primary Section) Rs. 500