Chairman's Message

Mr. Gautam Kumtakar
Dear Parents / Guardians,
With immense pleasure and great pride I welcome you to visit our school website. Our school website will help you to understand the functioning of the school. From the inception our school has marched forward and illuminated numerous students by paving way for academic excellence. At the outset let me congratulate The Principal, teachers and supporting staff who made us proud by securing 37th rank in the list of” India’s Best Schools” and scoring 4A in the year 2018.
The values and environment that we provide for our students are sustainable and help our students to inculcate these values in their formative years. We, at The Forbes Academy strive for excellence and help our students achieve great heights with zeal in everything they do.
As I consider one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their child is good education. With the changing scenario of education and considering the present requirement we continue to provide our students with opportunities that facilitate them to exhibit their inert potential. The team of talented, dedicated and devoted staff ensures that the abilities of the children under their care are nurtured and carefully developed.
Today’s generation has enormous curiosity to acquire more knowledge that cannot be fulfilled by traditional method of teaching. Our teachers encourage students to learn by doing which help them to enhance their scientific temperament. I strongly believe that today’s children should be encouraged to practice decision making and develop social skills like empathy, responsibility, togetherness, caring towards their fellow mates as these things are missing in today’s generation.
I appeal to my teachers to focus on every child, mentor them, appreciate their achievement and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings.