1. Ms. Megha Hittinhalli and Ms. Vijayeta Savanur had been to Germany in May 2001 as a part of exchange programme. They visited places of scientific interest during their 10 days stay.
  2. Ms. Monique Machado was adjudged as “YUVA VIJNANI” (Junior Scientist) at the State Level National Children’s Science Congress 2000 held at Bidar.
  3. Ms. Kannika P. Indi was adjudged as “YUVA VIJNANI” at the 18th State Level National Children’s Science Congress 2010 held at Mysore.
  4. Our school projects have been selected for presenting at the National level for past twelve years i.e. from 2000 to 2012.
Projects presented at the National level for past twelve years are:
1. 8th NCSC 2000 Effect of Organic liquid fertigation on the growth of young plants: Monique Machado Bidar Howrah, Calcutta
2. 8th NCSC 2000 Effect of eco-friendly fungus on the growth of seedlings: Megha Hittinhalli Bidar Howrah, Calcutta
3. 9th NCSC 2001 Fungal bio-technology to impart drought tolerance in plants: Jeetal Shah Bagalkot Pune
4. 9th NCSC 2001 Traditional dyes for better tomorrow : Keerti Navalagatti Bagalkot Pune
5. 10th NCSC 2002 Effect of organic booster slurry on germination and vigour of seedlings: Shweta Malagi Belgaum Mysore
6. 10th NCSC 2002 Value added products from Ber, Amla and Banana: Vineet Shah Belgaum Belgaum
7. 11th NCSC 2003 Enhancing productivity and sustainability through organic culture: Varsha Kulkarni Haveri Lucknow
8. 12th NCSC 2004 Enhancing draught tolerance in Maize: S. Anusha Davanagere Guwahati
9. 13th NCSC 2005 Microbial bio-technology for harnessing saline water to grow crops: R. Jeevan Prasad Mandya Bhuvaneshwar
10. 14th NCSC 2006 Utilisation of microbial species diversity to boost crop growth: Syed Shahabedeen Chikkamagalur Gangtok, Sikkim
11. 15th NCSC 2007 Utilisation of Microbial bio-diversity in germination and growth of crops: Hanok Endigeri Pilikula, Mangalore Baramati, Pune
12. 16th NCSC 2008 Response of Jatropha curcas to different organic amendments during initial years of establishment: Niteesh Hegde Shimoga Nagaland
13. 17th NCSC 2009 Boosting of vegetative parameters through growth promoting and beneficial rhizobacteria: Shreya Patil Raichur Ahmedabad Gujarat
14. 18th NCSC 2010 Enhancement of beneficial soil microflora through organic amendments in Maize and Methi: Kannika Indi Mysore Chennai, Tamil Nadu
15. 20th NCSC 2012 Harnessing bioenergy from biomass and cow dung: Divyashree Gongle Madikeri Varanasi (U.P.)
16. 21st NCSC 2013 Harnessing biological energy for enhanced rooting of stem cuttings: Shravana Daptardar Kudal Sangam, Bagalkot Bhopal (M.P.)
The following children have taken part in the Indian Science Congress through National Children’s Science Congress and interacted with the eminent scientists.
  1. Ms. Monique Machado & Ms. Megha Hittinhalli, in the 88th Indian Science Congress at New Delhi in January 2001
  2. Ms. Shweta D. Malagi & Master Vineet P. Shah, in the 90th Indian Science Congress at Bangalore in January 2003.
  3. Master Phaniraj Gasti in the 94th Indian Science Congress at Chidambaram in January 2007.
  4. Ms. Akshata Kelvekar in the 97th Indian Science Congress at Trivendrum in January 2010.
  5. Master Karthik Veerapur in the 98th Indian Science Congress at Chennai in January 2011.