Our Facilities

Situated at Gokak Falls the school is in a sylvan ambience away from the humdrum of daily life. The school has a sprawling campus with gardens and playgrounds. The buildings are spread out with broad corridors and well ventilated spacious classrooms.
The facility of the school is aesthetically done and functionally planned. The colorful building with beautiful landscape gives a happy and energetic feel to the students. Other facilities at forbes are:


The Library and information centre is named after Dr.F.A.MEHTA, the late Chairman of the TATA EMPIRE.
This Library cum reading room has an excellent collection of Biographies, Encyclopedia, Fiction
and Educational CDs.


The class room learning is supported with practical application experience in our well equipped science labs. Especially, for science students as they won’t believe something unless they see it. The labs are custom designed to facilitate the use of the Lab equipments in the most comfortable and unobtrusive manner.
The School has a well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics . The labs provide ample opportunity to each student to experiment and learn. Emphasis is laid on observation and analysis which is crucial in scientific experiments. Separate equipments for experiments are issued to students so that they learn by doing.


The Forbes Academy has two Computer Laboratories one for students and the other for the teachers. Both these laboratories are well equipped. The students are encouraged to acquire the skills needed to apply the Technology in the learning process. Netiquette and safe computer operation practices are encouraged.


Forbes Art Room helps to unleash the creative streak in students and the soothing ambience makes it a much sought after room. It is dedicated to provide a conducive environment to the young minds to think beyond the restrictions of reality and get into a colourful flight of imagination. Students spend their Art period in this room. Art plays a vital role in the all-round development of the students towards moulding the thought process and values of life.


The School playground was dedicated to the Cricket Team that won the World Cup in 1983, by MR.SYED M.H KIRMANI.
Many other great sports personalities like MR.EKNATH SOLKAR, MR.LALCHAND RAJPUT, MS.MALATH I HOLLA etc. have walked on this ground.


The Forbes Academy like any other institution is a mixed bag of talents. We are committed to strike a balance between academics, sports and co-curricular activities. Every year The Forbes Academy, Gokak Falls conducts various Interschool competitions; The School management also gives away annual special prizes for excellence in academics separately for Class X toppers and class wise toppers. Computers scholarship is awarded in primary and high school levels.

Music Hall

The music room is buzzing with activities throughout the day. It is a place of recreation for students and teachers.