Principal’s Message.....

It is truly an honor to serve as Principal of The Forbes Academy. I do not view the position of Principal as a job, but instead as an opportunity to lead our school to achieve great things. I feel privileged and blessed to be in this leadership role and welcome any situation as a challenge. The role of Principal involves many thrilling opportunities associated with students’ achievements. My personal and proficient goal is to provide children at The Forbes Academy with the best educational experience possible – one that will build a base for life-long learning.
My goal is to provide our students what is needed for success in a safe and sound environment. I encourage high academic standards. I have high expectations of personal discipline and enthusiasm from our students. These are the keys to success in life in and after school.
My commitment at The Forbes Academy is to provide a safe and academically challenging upbringing that will empower students to become novel thinkers, creative problem solvers and motivated learners prepared to bloom in the twenty-first century.
In the words of Hodding Carter, there are only two lasting legacy we can hope to give to our children. One is roots, the other wings. The Forbes Academy gives them both. I look at the child as an individual human being whose potential is immense and whose ability is immeasurable. Given the right nurturing all our children will blossom, as they were meant to, in earth’s garden, spreading aroma of love and joy everywhere.
A child is a child. She/he is different from an adult and not a little adult. A mango seed is not a mango tree although it has a potential of becoming a mango tree if it gets the necessary and favorable conditions, i.e., it needs to have the proper soil, has to be watered, and it has to be protected from animals. If a cow eats that mango seedling, that is the end of the mango tree. Once the tree has grown, it can stand for itself. It is the same with children. They have to be nurtured and protected.
The Forbes Academy is privileged to have a brilliant and highly devoted teaching staff to ensure the learning environment of our students as the best it can be. They venture to focus on each and every child, monitor and guide them, appreciate their success and persuade them to triumph over their weakness. They work together with the main concern of having every student’s best interest at sensitivity. They seek to instill in our students a passion for learning that will bring the knowledge and understanding they will need to make a positive contribution to the society in which they live and work.
I insist on all the teachers to create suitable meaningful learning situations, inculcating life skills in the approachable children and appreciating their least efforts with all openhandedness and broadness of vision.
My request to all parents is to keep involved. This can be executed by staying in contact with your child’s teacher. Constantly make sure you are aware of your child’s progress, and ask any questions or concerns you have at any time. This form of two-way supervising will guarantee the success of your child’s education and wellbeing.
Our values of respect, honesty, inquisitiveness and brilliance are behind everything we do as a team.
Sincerely yours,
Mrs.Bharati Kiresur